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Gynecological Cancer

1110: Elevated CAIX Expression is Associated with an Increased Risk of Distant Failure in Early-Stage Cervical Cancer
Kirkpatrick, John
1111: Predictors of Outcome and Patterns of Failure in Patients with Pathologic Stage III Endometrial Cancer Confined to the Pelvis
Patel, Samir Click abstract title to view poster
1112: Evidence for a Survival Benefit Conferred by Adjuvant Radiotherapy in a Cohort of 608 Women with Early-Stage Endometrial Cancer
Macdonald, O Kenneth Click abstract title to view poster
1113: Adaptive Brachytherapy Treatment Planning for Cervical Cancer
Lin, Lilie
1114: Outcome of Cervical Cancer Patients Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Kochanski, Joel
1115: Clinicopathologic Predictors of Abdominal Recurrence Following Treatment with High-Dose Whole Abdominopelvic Irradiation for High-Risk Endometrial Cancer
Krauss, Daniel
1116: Primary Adenocarcinoma of the Vagina
Frank, Steven
1117: The 4th Dimension of Tumor Volume: Dynamic Volumetric Tumor Regression Analysis in Cervical Cancer and Radiation Therapy Outcome
Yuh, William
1118: High Levels of Immunoexpression of the Endothelial Cell Proliferation Marker CD105 Predict for Local Failure in Early-Stage Cervical Cancer
Meyer, Jeff
1119: An Increased Rate of Recurrence with the use of Erythropoeitin in Patients with Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Undergoing Primary Treatment with Radiation and Chemosensitization
Temkin, Sarah
1120: Recurrence Above the Radiotherapy Field after Definitive Treatment of Cervix Cancer
Jhingran, Anuja
1121: Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Vulvar Carcinoma: A Comparative Dosimetric Study with EarlyClinical Outcome
Beriwal, Sushil Click abstract title to view poster
1122: Adjuvant Treatment with Sodium Selenite in Gynecologic Radiation Oncology: First Results of a Phase III Study
Muecke, Ralph
1123: Impact of Systematic MRI Assisted Treatment Planning on Local Control in Cervix Cancer: Vienna Experience in 145 Patients Treated by Intracavitary +/- Interstitial Brachytherapy from 1998-2003
Dimopoulos, Johannes Click abstract title to view poster
1124: Intrafraction Organ Motion of the Normal Cervix
Raj, Katelyn
2183: Improved Tumor Dose Coverage for Cervical Cancers Using Image-Based High Dose Rate Brachytherapy with Integrated Complementary Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy
Duan, Jun
2184: International Patterns of Care Study for High Dose Rate (HDR) Intracavitary Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer
McCarty, Harry
2185: Megavoltage CT Image-based Intracavitary Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Cervical Carcinoma
Wagner, Thomas
2186: The Prognostic Significance of Volumetric Evaluation by Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Radiotherapy for Patients with Cervical Cancer
Huh, Seung Jae
2187: Bladder Dosimetry in High Dose Rate Vaginal Cuff Brachytherapy
Stewart, Alexandra
2188: Pelvic Insufficiency Fractures following Radiation Therapy for Gynecologic Malignancies
Ikushima, Hitoshi
2189: Chemoradiation in Cervical Cancer after Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Staging
Marnitz, Simone Click abstract title to view poster
2190: Isolated Periaortic Lymph Node Metastasis from Uterine Cervical Cancer Treated by Stereotactic Radiation Therapy Using CyberKnife
Yoo, Hyung Jun
2191: A Simple Optimization System to Reduce Rectal Dose During HDR Brachytherapy for Cervix Cancer
Kiel, Krystyna
2192: Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) for Cervical Cancer: the Impact of Tumor Regression and Internal Organ Motion
van de Bunt, Linda
2193: Response to External Radiation; Can it Predict the Clinical Outcomes in Stage IIIB Cancer Cervix? A Retrospective Analysis of 556 Patients
Parameswaran, Saibishkumar Elantholi
2194: Anatomy-based MLC Field Optimization for the Treatment of Gynecologic Malignancies
Bouchard, Myriam Click abstract title to view poster
2195: Prognostic Impact of Survivin Expression in Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinomas Treated With Radiation Therapy
Suzuki, Yoshiyuki
2196: Revisiting Stage III Endometrial Cancer Subcategories
Oldroyd, Randall
2197: Image Fusion and Tomotherapy Treatment Planning for ca. Cervix
Pervez, Nadeem Click abstract title to view poster
2198: Development of an Interactive, Web-based, Radiological Anatomy Learning Module for Radiation Oncology Residents: A Pilot
Alfieri, Joanne Click abstract title to view poster
2199: Do Elderly Patients with Cervical Cancer Fare Worse with Radiotherapy Compared to their Younger Counterparts?
Low, John
2200: Outcome in Surgically Staged Papillary Serous and Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Uterus: A Single Institution Experience
Harris, Stephen Click abstract title to view poster
2201: A Pilot Study assessing the Use of a Novel Brachytherapy Applicator for Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix
Elsayyad, Nagy
2202: Multi-Institutional Retrospective Analysis of Radiation Therapy for Isolated Para-aortic Lymph Node Recurrence in Patients with Uterine Cervical Carcinoma in Japan
Niibe, Yuzuru
2203: Longitudinal Assessment of Hemoglobin During Chemo/Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer
Montebello, Joseph
2204: Hypofractionated High Dose Rate Brachytherapy in Combination with External Beam Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy for Cervix Cancer- an Update with Longer Follow Up
Weinstock, Chana

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