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Radiation Physics

1094: Motion Encoded Optimization
Lu, Weiguo Click abstract title to view poster
1095: A Device for Realtime 3D Image-Guided IMRT
Dempsey, James Click abstract title to view poster
1096: Assessment of Lung Tumor Motion During Respiratory Gating using Implanted Fiducials
Nelson, Christopher Click abstract title to view poster
1097: Heart Dose Reduction for Radiation Treatments of Left-Sided Breast Cancer by Using 4D Simulation and 4D Verification
Wang, Zhiheng Click abstract title to view poster
1098: Dosimetric Errors in Gated DMLC IMRT Delivery to a Moving Target with a 120-Leaf Collimator
Lerma, Fritz
1099: Respiratory Motion-Conditioned 4D CT: A Method to Determine Respiratory Motion Tolerances to Reduce Motion Artifacts During 4D CT Acquisition
Vedam, Sastry Click abstract title to view poster
1100: Treatment Planning Study Using Protons for Liver Patients
Wang, Xiaochun
1101: PRESAGE - A Promising New Material for 3D Dosimetry
Guo, Pengyi Click abstract title to view poster
1102: Comparison of Rectal Dose-Wall Histograms and Dose-Volume Histograms in Predicting Rectal Grade Toxicity after Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Johnson, Jennifer
1103: Characterization of Breathing Patterns of Patients undergoing Respiratory-Correlated Imaging
Hunjan, Sandeep
1104: Dynamic Direct Aperture Optimization for 4D IMRT Planning
Armbruster, Benjamin
1105: A Novel Sequencing Algorithm for Step and Shoot and Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy
Cao, Daliang Click abstract title to view poster
1106: Estimated Limits of Dose Escalation for Localized Prostate Cancer Using Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy, Varied Planning Target Volume Margins and Established Dose Constraints: Correlation with Prostate Size and Target Volume Overlap with the Rectum
Goulet, Christopher Click abstract title to view poster
1107: Multistage Treatment Planning Optimization for Managing Organ Motion in Radiotherapy Planning
Lee, Eva
1108: Renal Mobility During Quiet Uncoached Respiration: An Analysis of 4DCT Scans
van Sornsen de Koste, John
1109: Clinically Achievable Accuracy of Online Localization of the Lumpectomy Cavity Using Surgical Clips
Kim, Leonard Click abstract title to view poster
2439: Comparison Between PET and Bioluminescence Imaging for Quantitative Assessment of Tumor Burden
Maxim, Peter
2440: Time-Resolved Aperture Modulated Radiation Therapy
Wang, Chuang
2441: Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Motion in Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold and Free Breathing using 4D-CT Scanning: Potential Impact on Left-Sided Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
Jarvis, Lesley Click abstract title to view poster
2444: Preliminary Study of Dynamic Tumor Tracking and Shooting Capability using a Compact Linear Accelerator installed on Gimbals in Gantry Head of an Image-guided Radiotherapy System
Takayama, Kenji Click abstract title to view poster
2445: Improved Geometric Fidelity of Radiotherapy Target Volumes in 2D and 3D PET Based on Point Spread Functions
Breen, Stephen Click abstract title to view poster
2446: Clinical Implementation of a Real-Time Fiberoptic Dosimetry System
Miller, Robert
2447: Enhance Soft Tissue Contrast for Cone Beam CT
Zhang, Junan Click abstract title to view poster
2448: 3D Set-up Accuracy for Moving Pulmonary Tumors on a CT-on-Rails System Evaluated with Fluoroscopic Real-Time Tumor-Tracking System
Hiyama, Atsuto
2449: Surgery plus Postoperative Radiation Therapy for Thymic Epithelial Tumor
Oh, Dongryul
2450: The Dosimetric Impact of Respiration Motion on 3D, IMRT, and Tomotherapy Treatment Delivery
Byrne, Thomas
2451: Validation of Planned Surface and Build-Up Dose in Head and Neck Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Hirmiz, Khalid Click abstract title to view poster
2452: Initial Clinical Experience with Exactrac Automated X-Ray Fusion to Assess Patient Set-up and Immobilization with the Brainlab Mask/Frame System in Stereotactic Radiotherapy of the Brain
Figler, Brad Click abstract title to view poster
2453: Influence of Delineation of the Proximal and Distal Rectum as Separated Organ-at-Risks on IMRT Treatment Planning for the Prostate
Guckenberger, Matthias Click abstract title to view poster
2454: An Optimized Multileaf Feathering Technique for Matching Single Isocenter Half Beam 3 Field Head and Neck Radiation
Mahadevan, Anand
2455: Study of Motion in a 4D-CT Using Deformable Registration
Boldea, Vlad Click abstract title to view poster
2456: A Non-Invasive Approach for Precise Gated DIBH: Impact of a Feedback System on SBRT
Stock, Markus Click abstract title to view poster
2457: Technical and Dosimetric Aspects of Respiratory Gating using a Pressure-Sensor Motion Tracking System
Li, X. Allen
2458: Signigicance of Intrafractional Motion in Pelvic Organs: a Multiplanar 3D Cine MRI Study
Sripadam, Rajaram Click abstract title to view poster
2459: Evaluation of Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) and Inverse-Planned Optimization Techniques for Loco-Regional Breast Treatment
Moran, Jean Click abstract title to view poster
2460: Multicriteria Decision Making for Individualization of IMRT Treatment Plans
Vineberg, Karen Click abstract title to view poster
2461: The Calculation of Radiation Dose Actually Delivered to the Patient
Rosenman, Julian
2462: Clinical Observation and Modeling of Postimplant Seed Displacement for Prostate Brachytherapy
Liu, Haisong Click abstract title to view poster
2463: Backscatter Radiation of Titanium Cranial Plates and Reabsorbable Cranial Plates Calculated for 4MV, 6MV, and 10MV Photon Energies: A Real Clinical Problem
Howes, Terese Click abstract title to view poster
2464: Effect of Respiratory Cycle Irregularities on Image Quality in Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography
Thorndyke, Brian
2465: Comparison of Conventional Fractionation Approach and Optimization of Fractionation in IMRT
Dink, Delal Click abstract title to view poster
2466: Mapping Electron Density Distribution from Planning CT to Cone-Beam CT (CBCT): a Novel Strategy for Accurate Dose Calculation Based on CBCT
Lo, Tony Click abstract title to view poster
2467: Comparison of Dose Escalation to Lung Tumors via IMRT Approaches to Conventional Treatment Plans with or without Prophylactic Nodal Irradiation
Varlotto, John
2468: Image Guided Radiotherapy Plan Evaluation based on Deformable Dose Registration from Daily On-line PositioningImages
Olivera, Gustavo
2469: Simulation of 4D CT Images from Deformable Registration between Inhale and Exhale Breath-Hold CT Scans
Sarrut, David Click abstract title to view poster
2470: Respiration Gated Cone Beam Imaging Reconstruction at a Dedicated Linear Accelerator
Dietrich, Lars
2471: Evaluation of Absorbed Dose in Respiratory Gated Radiotherapy using a Phantom System that Simulates PatientRespiration
Oyama, Masaya
2472: The Influence of Heterogeneity Corrections on Tumor and Normal Lung Dosimetry in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer Treatment
Ding, Meisong
2473: Gating Verification via Correlation of Dynamic DRRs and Respiration-Correlated MV Fluoroscopic Images
Maltz, Jonathan Click abstract title to view poster
2474: Post-Prostatectomy Target-Normal Structure Overlap Volumes using Computed Tomography and Radioimmunoscintigraphy Images for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Jani, Ashesh
2475: Three Dimensional Dose Reconstruction IMRT Verification using an EPID and the Convolution Superposition Algorithm
Chehrazi, Freydun
2476: Implementation of a 6D Robotic Couch-Top for the Automation of Image-Guided Brain SRS and Spinal SRT
Shiu, Almon Click abstract title to view poster
2477: Dosimetric Study on the use of IMRT for Partial Breast Irradiation: Prone vs. Supine Position
Jozsef, Gabor Click abstract title to view poster
2478: Combined HDR Brachytherapy and Online Image-Guided Adaptive IMRT for Dose Escalation in Locally Advanced Carcinoma of the Prostate
Williamson, Jeffrey
2479: Image-Guided Alignment Verification with Submillimeter Precision for Functional Proton Radiosurgery
Schulte, Reinhard Click abstract title to view poster
2480: IMRT Plans for Head and Neck Patients Can be Simplified and Efficiently Delivered with Static MLC
Xia, Ping
2481: Investigation of Linac-based Image-guided Hypofractionated Prostate Treatment
Pawlicki, Todd
2482: First Clinical Results of a Prototype X-Ray based Gating System
Gum, Franz
2483: Model Predictive Loss Control Offers Potential Planning Gains in the Population without Compromising Outcome Among Patient Variants
Langer, Mark Click abstract title to view poster
2484: Four-Dimensional Megavoltage CT Imaging with a Helical Tomotherapy System
Mahan, Stephen Click abstract title to view poster
2485: Dynamic Extracranial Robotic Radiosurgery by means of a Real-Time Motion Correction System: Analysis of the Reduction of the Planning Target Volume Compared to the Static Technique
Casamassima, Franco Click abstract title to view poster
2486: Automated Three Dimensional Quantification of Setup Deviations in Radiation Therapy Using a Single Portal Image andCone Beam CT Data
Munbodh, Reshma
2487: Case Study Modeling Treatment of Canine Bladder Cancer using Minimally-Invasive Intraoperative Radiotherapy (MIR)
Gutierrez, Alonso
2488: Localization of Linked 125I seeds in Postimplant TRUS Images for Prostate Brachytherapy Dosimetry
Xue, Jinyu
2489: 3D Probability Distribution of Treatment Targets: A New Way to Define 3D Organ Motion for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Patel, Chirag
2490: Automatic Contouring via Deformable Image Registration
Foskey, Mark Click abstract title to view poster
2491: The Effect of Collimator Rotation on IMRT Treatment Planning
Luan, Shuang
2492: Breast Image-Guided Radiation Therapy Using an Optical Laser Scanner
Sohn, Jason Click abstract title to view poster
2493: Distance Between Thoracic Tumor Position and Diaphragm Position During the Course of Radiotherapy: Does It Remain Constant?
Wang, Jian Click abstract title to view poster
2494: Evaluation of Forward and Inverse Planned Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Plans for the Treatment of Cervix and Pelvic Nodes
Dogan, Nesrin
2495: Immediate and 2 Months Post-Implant Dosimetry for Permanent Breast Seed Implant (PBSI) using 103Pd as the SoleAdjuvant Treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer
Sankreacha, R
2496: Implementation of On-Board Imaging (OBI) and Quantification of Resultant Patient Shifts
Lawson, Joshua Click abstract title to view poster
2497: Semi-Automated CT Segmentation Using Optical Flow and Fourier Interpolation
Zhang, Geoffrey Click abstract title to view poster
2498: The Evaluation of Knowledge based Artificial Intelligence Application on Parameter Optimization of Inverse Planning System
Yan, Hui Click abstract title to view poster
2499: MRI Cine Generated Patient Specific vs. Deep Inspiration/Expiration based PTVs in Stereotactic Radiotherapy for LungCancer
Price, Robert Click abstract title to view poster
2500: A Planning Technique for Intensity Modulated Therapy of Head and Neck Cancers
Zhu, X. Ronald Click abstract title to view poster
2501: Post-Implant Dosimetric Evaluation of Stranded vs. Non-Stranded (loose) Brachytherapy Seeds in Prostate Cancer Patient
Awan, Shahid
2502: A Computational Analysis of Lung Sparing for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Seibert, Rebecca Click abstract title to view poster
2503: Comparison of Automatic Tomotherapy CT Setup Verification vs. an Optically Guided Patient Positioning System
Boswell, Sarah Click abstract title to view poster
2504: Determination of PTV Margin for Partial Breast Irradiation in Prone Position
Stepaniak, Christopher
2505: A Novel Technique of Reconstructing Soft Tissue Enhanced Portal Images Using 2D/3D Image Fusion
Jin, Jian-Yue Click abstract title to view poster
2506: Respiratory Signal Extraction for 4D CT Imaging of the Thorax from Cone-Beam CT Projections
Rit, Simon Click abstract title to view poster
2507: A Newly Developed Simple and Accurate Respiratory Indicator Relative to Measurement of 2-Point Levels of Abdominaland Chest Walls: for Assurance of Patient Self-Judged Breath Holding Techniques for Irradiation of Lung Cancer withSmall Internal Margin
Onishi, Hiroshi Click abstract title to view poster
2508: Assessment of Setup Accuracy for Prostate Radiotherapy using On-board Imaging and Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Kasibhalta, Mohit Click abstract title to view poster
2509: Comparison of Edge Detection Techniques for Detection of PET Tumor Volume in Radiation Treatment Planning
Zheng, Yiran
2510: Case Studies Using an AI-Guided Inverse Planning System
Yin, Fang-Fang Click abstract title to view poster
2511: Target Registration Error with Three-Dimensional Surface Imaging in Setup of Image-Guided Partial Breast Irradiation
Gierga, David Click abstract title to view poster
2512: A Monte Carlo Study on RBE Effect in Laser-Proton Therapy
Luo, Wei Click abstract title to view poster
2513: Fine-Needle Deposition of a New Multifunctional Gold Marker Anchor for Tumor Tracking
Naslund, Ingemar
2514: A Method for Megavoltage Electronic Portal Image Validation of Extracranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy Treatments (ESRT)
Hampton, Carnell
2515: Characterization of Doses in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) via Monte Carlo Calculation
Salter, Bill
2516: Estimating Irradiated Heart Volume from 2D-Simulation Films in Tangential Beam Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer
Harris, Eleanor
2517: Dose Escalation in Pancreatic Cancer: IMRT vs. Non-Coplanar 3D Plans
Levin, Daphne Click abstract title to view poster
2518: Comparison of Contra-Lateral Breast Dose by Various Tangential Field Techniques in Carcinoma Breast Irradiation
Joshi, R C Click abstract title to view poster
2519: Independence of Set-up Errors from the Radiation Technologists Staff in Prostate Cancer 3D-Conformal Radiotherapy (3D-CRT) using a No-Action Level (NAL) off-line Correction Protocol: Results from a Retrospective Analysis on Set-upAccuracy in 55 Consecutive Patients
Antognoni, Paolo Click abstract title to view poster
2520: Intra-Fraction Dose Registration using Relative Phase-Time Dose-Weighted 3D Dose Distributions and Deformable Image Registration
D'Souza, Warren
2521: A Comparison of PET-CT Fusion Using Manual, Fiducial-based, and Automatic Registration Techniques for Clinical Radiation Therapy Planning and Delivery
Monroe, James Click abstract title to view poster
2522: Impact of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy on Bowel Dose in Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
Guerrero Urbano, M Teresa
2523: Extrapolating Organ Motion Margin for Radiation Fields from Sequential Patient Images
Zhou, Sumin
2524: Dosimetric Comparison of MLC Leaf Sequencing Techniques for Static and Dynamic Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Kishore, Rath Goura
2525: Monte Carlo Simulations of the Transit Dose from Amorphous Silicon Electronic Portal Images
Badel, Jean-Noel Click abstract title to view poster
2526: Incorporating Intra-Fraction Motion Into IMRT Plan Optimization
Shepard, David
2527: Topographic Analysis of Inguinal Lymph Nodes using Combidex Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Defining the Radiation Therapy Volume for Tumors of the Lower Pelvis and Genitalia
Chan, Philip
2528: Studies on the Safety and Efficacy of an in Vivo Dosimeter During Radiation Therapy
Scarantino, Charles
2529: Shape Characterization of the Prostate and Urethra Applicable to the Design of a Trans-Urethral Ultrasound Imaging Probe for Prostate Brachytherapy Guidance
Holmes, David
2530: Image Guided Radiation Therapy for Prostate IMRT: Rectum Volume Changes and Dosimetric Considerations
Chen, Lili
2531: Prostate External Beam Radiotherapy Post Permanent Seed Implantation: Dosimetric Implications
Dimitroyannis, Dimitri
2532: Correction of Patient Positioning Errors based on In-Line Cone Beam CTs: Clinical Implementation and First Experiences
Thilmann, Christoph
2533: Is "Dose Painting" with IMRT a useful Method for Dose Escalation in Radical Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer?
Buth, Klaus-Juergen Click abstract title to view poster
2534: Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) using Radioactive Iodine-131; Dosimetry, Treatment, Radiation Safety and Clinical Results
Nair, Murali
2535: What is the Optimal Beam Margin for Extracranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy?
Feigenberg, Steven Click abstract title to view poster
2536: Image Registration with Auto-Mapped Control Volumes
Paquin, Dana Click abstract title to view poster
2537: Investigation of Cone-beam CT for Breast Cancer Treatment Planning
Kim, Gwe-Ya Click abstract title to view poster
2538: All Movements are Not Created Equal in the Course of Prostate Cancer Treatment
Xiao, Ying
2539: Daily Portal Imaging of Implanted Fiducial Markers During IMRT Treatment of Prostate Cancer: a Community-Based Centers Experience
Chang, Pauling Click abstract title to view poster
2540: The Dosimetric and Geometric Analysis of a Total Scalp Electron-Photon Irradiation Technique
Hackett, Rachel
2541: Comparison of Breath Hold Cone Beam CT and Orthogonal Image Guided Radiotherapy for Liver Cancer
Hawkins, Maria Click abstract title to view poster
2542: Online Digital Tomosynthesis (DTS): A Novel Technique for Improving Target Localization in Radiation Therapy
Godfrey, Devon Click abstract title to view poster
2543: Modeling of Pneumonitis Risk using Monte Carlo Corrected Dosimetry
Lindsay, Patricia Click abstract title to view poster
2544: Dose Reconstruction for Image-Guided Head and Neck Cancers
Chase, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
2545: Combining Cardiac/Respiratory Gating to Minimize the Organ Motion Effect
Willett, Christopher Click abstract title to view poster
2546: Integral Radiation Dose to Normal Structures with Conformal External Beam Radiation
Aoyama, Hidefumi
2547: A 5-Dimensional Model of Human Breathing Motion
Low, Daniel
2548: Dosimetric Assessment of Daily Skin, Bone, Ultrasound and CT Alignment for Prostate Cancer IMRT
O'Daniel, J
2549: Megavoltage ConeBeam CT to Complement Planning CT in the Presence of "Non-Compatible CT" Objects
Aubin, Michele Click abstract title to view poster
2550: 4D CT for Hepatobiliary Malignancies: Organs at Risk and Implications for Gating
Ma, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
2551: Analysis of Intra-Fractional Variations of Anatomy During Prostate IMRT Treatment
Dong, Lei
2552: Online Assessment of Tumor Motion During Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer: Can Diaphragm Motion be Used as a Surrogateto Estimate Tumor Motion?
Liang, Jian Click abstract title to view poster
2553: Clinical Implementation of 4D Dynamic Arc Therapy
Yang, Yong Click abstract title to view poster
2554: Comparison of Different Respiratory Motion Compensation Methods for Lung Cancer IMRT Treatment
Li, Xiang
2555: Clinical Implementation of a Low-Dose 4D CT Acquisition Protocol
Xing, Lei Click abstract title to view poster

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