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Quality of Life

2368: Barriers Faced by Mexican American Patients During Radiation Therapy: Preliminary Results of the Laredo Navigator Project of the NCI U56 Cancer Disparities Research Partnership Program
Bains, Yadvindera Click abstract title to view poster
2372: Lymphedema Therapy in the Radiation Oncology Department: Benefit and Cost
Hood, Stephanie Click abstract title to view poster
2373: The Assessment of Anxiety about Radiotherapy and the Development of the Questionnaire of Anxiety about Radiotherapy
Karasawa, Kumiko Click abstract title to view poster
2370: Amifostine Used as a Normal Tissue Protectant in Patients Receiving Pelvic Radiotherapy
Leonard, Charles
2371: Sexual Dysfunction in Nasopharygeal Carcinoma Survivors
Li, Derui
2365: Cancer Screening Behavior in a Native American Population
Petereit, Daniel
2367: A Quality of Life (QOL) Assessment of Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Different Radiation Treatment Modalities
Saputo, Kathleen Click abstract title to view poster
2375: Long-Term Health-Related Quality of Life in Men Treated with 125I Prostate Brachytherapy for Clinically LocalizedProstate Cancer
Schaefer, Joerg
2366: Comparison of Quality of Life Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving either Brachytherapy Alone, with Hormonal Therapy or in Combination with External Beam Irradiation
Stone, Nelson
2374: Initiation of Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies (CAM) By Cancer Patients (Pts) During Radiation Therapy (RT)
Vapiwala, Neha
2369: Preliminary Investigation of Preferred Mediated and Interpersonal Sources of Health Information Among Low-incomeHispanic Women Receiving Mammograms: The Laredo NCI U56 Health Care Disparities Navigator Program
Villagran, Melinda Click abstract title to view poster

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