Abstract # 1001 Upfront Salivaryglandulopexy [A Novel Option to Improve Radiation Compliance & QOL] in Patients Undergoing Radical Radiation Therapy for H & N Cancer

Presenter: Bhalavat, Rajendra

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SMSGT is an easy, safe, surgically feasible OPD procedure. SMSGP of SMSGT is a surgically feasible OPD procedure. SMSGP of contralateral side as an adjunct to rEBRT +/- Brachytherapy (radical radiation) leads to improved compliance during radiation reflected through both objective & subjective improvement of xerostomia and its related symptoms and QOL during their short follow up. Long term improvement of QOL is expected and its conversion is a subject of long follow up will be elucidated with time.

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