Abstract # 1086 Ultrasound vs. Seed Marker Prostate Localization

Presenter: Scarbrough, Todd

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US data reveal greater systematic/random error versus SM data. Larger PTV expansion margins may be necessary for US IGRT (~9 mm) versus SM IGRT (~3 mm; margins calculated via the method of Stroom and Heijmen). The upper 95% C.I./high random error SM PTV margin (5.7 mm) does not overlap with the lower 95% C.I./zero random error US PTV margin (7.0 mm), indicating a strong SM vs. US difference. Our data, coupled with that of others, suggest that US IGRT may necessitate larger PTV margins than if not using any IGRT technique at all secondary to relatively high systematic error associated with US. The hypotheses that US and SM methods suggest similar shifts and that the mean US/SM 3D distance discrepancy is <5 mm are rejected.

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