Abstract # 1095 A Device for Realtime 3D Image-Guided IMRT

Presenter: Dempsey, James

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Performing IMRT without a linac based therapy system allows for the seamless integration with, and simultaneous operation of, an open MRI unit. The novel combination of an open MRI and a -ray IMRT unit into a single integrated device is technically feasible and promises to enable the first IGIMRT device capable of performing real-time volumetric imaging simultaneous with radiation delivery. Recent advances in parallel MRI will allow us to acquire high spatial resolution movies of volumetric imaging data simultaneous to IMRT beam delivery with 3D refresh rates on the order of seconds. Such a high temporal and spatial resolution will allow for the daily reconstruction of the actual dose delivered to the patient in the presence of intra-fraction organ motions. Schematic of the Renaissance(TM)

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