Abstract # 2053 Evaluation of the Functional Diffusion Map (fDM) as an early Biomarker of TTP and OS in High Grade Glioma

Presenter: Hamstra, Daniel

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The three week fDM provided an early biomarker for predicting RR, TTP, and OS in patients with malignant glioma treated with primary radiotherapy. fDM analysis also provided individual information on regional treatment response. Evaluation of this technique is warranted to determine if it may be useful as an evaluation of early response on clinical protocols or as a tool to guide adaptive radiotherapy.

This work was supported in part by research grants from the NIH/NCI (PO1CA85878, R24CA83099, P50CA01014) and the Charles A. Dana Foundation. D.A.H. was the recipient of a RSNA Holman Pathway Research Resident Seed Grant.

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