Abstract # 2057 "Alopecia-less" Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT) via IMRT: Preliminary Experience and Outcomes

Presenter: Ting, Joseph

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A 3-field beam arrangement, using IMRT, is feasible for WBRT. The treatment is well tolerated and results in reduced skin toxicity, less dose to the scalp, and less alopecia versus traditional WBRT treatment using opposed lateral fields (see Figure 4, bottom). Other dosimetric factors (overall homogeneity, "hotspots," lens dose) appear favorably improved with an IMRT approach versus a traditional approach, as well. The combination of IMRT, using IGRT, appears to allow for a clinically efficacious and reduced toxicity WBRT treatment. The reduced toxicity and "alopecia-less" outcomes could have some impact on quality of life in patients.

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