Abstract # 2392 The Identification of Mre11 as the Central Participant in Multiple Subpathways of Repairing Chromosomal Double-StrandBreak

Presenter: Zhuang, Jing

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This is the first demonstration that human Mre11 controls multiple subpathways in repairing chromosomal DSBs. Given that tumor suppressor BRCA1 has been shown previously to interact with Mre11 and suppress Mre11 function, we are in the process of (1) determining the biological impact of Mre11-mediated DSB repair in the context of chromosomal stability and cell viability within the BRCA1-deficiency genetic background; (2) Identify which functional domains of Mre11, such as nuclease activity, DNA binding, and protein complex formation with Rad50 and NBS1, is critical for the roles of Mre11 in orchestrating chromosomal DSB repair.

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