Abstract # 2281 Prospective Study on Stereotactic Radiotherapy of Limited Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Presenter: Hoyer, Morten

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About the Presenter:
Dr Morten Hoyer is Associate Professor and Consultant at the Department of Oncology at Aarhus University Hospital. He has special interest in stereotactic radiotherapy of tumours of the brain, lung and liver and in radiotherapy of prostate cancer. His PhD at Aarhus University in 1994 was based on a thesis on studies of cancer cell kinetics and he had his postgraduate specialty training at Aarhus University Hospital and Copenhagen University Hospital, Herlev. He is member of the boards of the Danish Prostate Cancer Group and the Scandinavian Prostate Cancer Group.
Contact the presenter at: hoyer@as.aaa.dk

Hoyer, Morten (1) ; Roed, Henrik (2) ; Hansen, Anders Traberg (1) ; Ohlhuis, Lars (2) ; Jorgen, Petersen (1) ; Nellemann, Hanne (3) ; Berthelsen, Anne Kiil (2) ; Grau, Cai (1) ; Engelholm, Svend Aage (2) ; von der Maase, Hans (1) .

1. Dept. Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus C, Denmark.
Dept. Radiation Oncology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dept. Diagnostic Radiology, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus C, Denmark.

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