Abstract # 2341 The Retrospective Evaluation of Painful Calcaneal Spurs Radiotherapy

Presenter: Miszczyk, Leszek

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About the Presenter:
Date and place of birth - 1965 Gliwice, Poland. Place of work - Centre of Oncology, M. S. Curie memorial Institute - branch Gliwice, Teleradiotherapy Department. Address - 44 - 101 Gliwice, ul. Wybrzeże Armii Krajowej 15, Poland. Tel/fax +48 32 2788001 Professional tittle – MD, PhD, radiotherapist. Position – vice chief of radiotherapy department Education - Silesian Medical Academy, completion in 1990. From 1 st of March to the 13 th of August training period in the Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology of the University Hospital in Leuven. Stage of work - 1 year of a general medical postgraduate stage and 14 years of work in the radiotherapy departments in the present place of work. Two months of work as a consultant in the Radiotherapy and Applied Radiobiology Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna in 1997. An exam in the first degree of radiotherapy was passed in 1993. An exam in the second degree of radiotherapy was passed in 1996. PhD exam in 1996. Habilitation in 2001 Scientific societies membership: - Polish Oncological Society. - Polish Society of Radiation Oncology - Oncology Section of Polish Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Field of interest - radiotheraby of benign diseases, bone tumours radiotherapy, radiation reaction of healthy tissues
Contact the presenter at: leszek@io.gliwice.pl

Miszczyk, Leszek (1) ; Jochymek, Bozena (2) ; Wozniak, Grzegorz (1) ; Rozek-Lesiak, Krystyna (3) ; Kim,Larisa (1) ; Trela, Krystyna (1) .

1. Radiotherapy, M. Sklodowska-Curie memorial Cancer Center, Gliwice, Poland.
Radiotherapy , S. Leszczynski memorial Hospital, Katowice, Poland.

Internal Medicine , Silesian Medical Academy, Katowice, Poland.

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