Abstract # 2506 Respiratory Signal Extraction for 4D CT Imaging of the Thorax from Cone-Beam CT Projections

Presenter: Rit, Simon

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About the Presenter:
PhD student in computer sciences with a previous diploma in computer sciences engineering obtained at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (www.insa-lyon.fr). Research located at the Léon Bérard Center(oncora1.lyon.fnclcc.fr) in Lyon (France) thanks to an Elekta grant, and member of the Lyon Research Center for Images and Intelligent Information Systems (liris.cnrs.fr).

Rit, Simon (1) ; Sarrut, David (1, 2) ; Ginestet, Chantal (2) .

1. LIRIS (UMR CNRS 5205) - Universite Lumiere, Lyon, France.
2. Radiotherapy Department, Leon Berard Anticancer Center, Lyon, France.

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