Abstract # 2550 4D CT for Hepatobiliary Malignancies: Organs at Risk and Implications for Gating

Presenter: Ma, Daniel

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About the Presenter:
Daniel Ma is fourth year medical student at Washington University School of Medicine. He did his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Rice University. He is pursuing a residency position in radiation oncology next year, and he has been a valuable member of the 4D research program at Washington University.
Contact the presenter at: parikh@radonc.wustl.edu

Ma, Daniel (1) ; Parikh, Parag (1) ; Lu, Wei (1) ; Nystrom, Michelle (1) ; Hubenschmidt, James P (1) ; Wahab, Sasha H (1) ; Botero, Ana (1) ; Myerson, Robert (1) ; Low, Daniel A (1) .

1. Radiation Oncology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, USA.
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