Abstract # 1001 Upfront Salivaryglandulopexy [A Novel Option to Improve Radiation Compliance & QOL] in Patients Undergoing Radical Radiation Therapy for H & N Cancer

Presenter: Bhalavat, Rajendra

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From January 2000, 42 patients of SCC of oro-hypopharynx T3/2N0/1 suitable for curative rEBRT were considered for SMSGT. Baseline SF was assessed through salivary scintigraphy(SCT), sialography(SG) and sialometry (SM-suction method for initial patients, later spit/cotton gauze) for each patient repeated after the surgery, radiotherapy and at subsequent follow ups. Contralateral submandibular SGD was repositioned to the submental space and to identify the transferred gland, radio-opaque markers were placed. EBRT for patients was planned with simulated bilateral portals and the transferred gland was blocked during the treatment. Subjective evaluation of amount & quantity of saliva with resultant xerostomia, dysphagia, speech etc were recorded for each patient at 20Gy, 40Gy, 60Gy for RC, at subsequent follow-ups (3,6,12,18-months) for QOL.

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