Abstract # 1095 A Device for Realtime 3D Image-Guided IMRT

Presenter: Dempsey, James

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The device, named the Renaissance (ViewRay Inc.), consists of the combination of an open split­solenoid MRI scanner and a 60Co -ray IMRT unit. The low field open MRI is equipped to perform parallel MRI for fast volumetric imaging and provides a vertical gap allowing axial beam access for the gantry mounted -ray IMRT unit to a to deliver cone-beam MLC based IMRT. The device will provide the imaging data necessary to provide daily IMRT treatment planning and to reconstruct the actual daily dose delivered to the patient. Computational studies were performed to investigate: the compatibility of the MRI and ferromagnetic 60Co source; the treatment plan quality of the -ray IMRT unit; the impact of the MRI magnetic field on the dosimetry; and the feasibility of performing accurate heterogeneity dose computations with MRI data.

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