Abstract # 1096 Assessment of Lung Tumor Motion During Respiratory Gating using Implanted Fiducials

Presenter: Nelson, Christopher

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Patients with lung tumor motion greater than 1cm were recruited to this trial and signed informed consent. Gold seeds were implanted around the periphery of lung tumors in 3 patients, one of which has completed the prescribed 35 fractions. Amplitude based, respiratory gating using a commercial system (RPM, Varian Medical Systems) to monitor abdominal displacement enabled beam delivery, though the target volumes were defined using an internal target volume. The gate was positioned so that beam delivery would only occur near the end expiration. An EPID was used to continuously capture images during the gated treatment. Using the portal images, the location of each fiducial was determined with respect to the edges of the treatment field and thus, the spatial position of the fiducials was determined.

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