Abstract # 2234 Brain Necrosis in Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patients - Prospective Study with MRI

Presenter: Chang, Joseph

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Material & methods: There were 452 NPC patients completed radical treatment and received annual MRI following after radical treatment in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital from 1995/1/1 to 2000/12/1. One hundred and forty five patients received conventional bil-opposing treatment (COT) for 68-72 Gy with 1.8-2 Gy per fraction and 5 fractions per week. Seventy six patients received concomitant boost radiotherapy (CBT) for 72.3 Gy with twice daily radiotherapy at the last of two weeks. Twenty nine patients received twice daily radiotherapy (BID) for 81.6 Gy with 1.2 Gy per fraction and two fractions per day. Two hundred and two patients received 3D conformal radiotherapy boost (3DCRT) after 46-46.8 Gy of bil-opposing treatment to total 72-76 Gy with 1.8-2.0 Gy per fraction and five fractions per day. Seventy seven patients received brachytherapy boost. One hundred and twenty four patients received induction chemotherapy as part of treatment. All the patients received MRI as initial staging and radiotherapy treatment targeting reference. MRI was done 3 months after radical radiotherapy then annually at least 5 years after radical radiotherapy. The brain necrosis was defined as T2 image change or necrosis change in brain tissue in the following up MRI.

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