Abstract # 2534 Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) using Radioactive Iodine-131; Dosimetry, Treatment, Radiation Safety and Clinical Results

Presenter: Nair, Murali

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We have been using the Bexxar sponsored I-131 labeled RIC called Tositumomab for treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma since 2001, we have treated 11 patients since then. Patient specific dosimetry was performed on all patients using 5 mCi dosimetric dose and whole body counts performed at 0, 48 and 168 hours following dose administration. The total body residence time (TBRT), for 37% of activity to remain in the patient was determined using the 3 whole body counts. A spread sheet program was used for calculating the net count rates and the data was fitted to a mathematical model, which was used for calculating the TBRT. Based on the study, a relationship between TBRT and the calculated therapeutic activity expressed as mCi/kgm body mass was established. All patients treated were discharged on the same day, after therapeutic dose was administered, with radiation safety precautions called "safe release". The variation of TEDE was studied as a function of TBRT and exposure rate measured at 1 meter prior to discharge.The platelet counts taken before and after treatment at weekly and monthly intervals were used for estimating the recovery period following therapy. The clinical results of the patients treated at our center will be discussed.

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