Abstract # 2029 Comparison of Intensity Modulated and 3D-Conformal Treatment Plans for Breast Radiation Delivered in the Prone Position

Presenter: Foltz, Gretchen

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Prone positioning has been shown to be effective for delivering breast radiation following lumpectomy to breast cancer patients with large pendulous breasts. The standing treatment is 3-D conformal therapy (3DCRT), which provides dose distributions and homogeneity comparable to patients treated in the supine position. The goal of this study was to determine if the use of IMRT for breast radiation in the prone position will 1) improve whole breast/ boost dose coverage, 2) reduce dose heterogeneity, 3) decrease the amount of normal breast tissue, lungs, and heart being exposed to higher dose radiation, 4) explore decreasing the number of treatments required by delivering the whole breast and boost doses concomitantly.

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