Abstract # 2053 Evaluation of the Functional Diffusion Map (fDM) as an early Biomarker of TTP and OS in High Grade Glioma

Presenter: Hamstra, Daniel

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Diffuse malignant gliomas carry a dire prognosis and are often poorly responsive to initial treatment based upon CT or MRI scans typically evaluated several months after the start of treatment. Given the rapid time to progression and short median survival an early biomarker of tumor response would be useful to make changes in the prescribed treatment.

Diffusion weighted MRI measures the movement of water at the cellular and subcellular level and may be a surrogate for tissue cellularity. We hypothesized that changes in diffusion weighted MRI when evaluated using functional diffusion maps (fDM) can identify regional changes in the apparent diffusion of water in the weeks following treatment and may function as just such a spatially dependent biomarker of cellular response to treatment.

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fDM Approach and Rationale:

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