Abstract # 2270 Prospective Assessment of Models to Predict Radiation Pneumonitis Based on Dosimetric/Functional Parameters

Presenter: Kocak, Zafer

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Clinical and dosimetric parameters extracted from the 3D dose distribution are associated with the riskof symptomatic radiation pneumonitis (RP) in retrospective studies. Such parameters include the mean lung dose (MLD), the radiation (RT) dose distribution relative to functioning perfused lung (assessed by SPECT), and the pre-RT lung function (i.e. PFTs). Based on our work and others, we defined pre-RT criteria that we hypothesized would be predictive for the later development of RP. We herein prospectively test the predictive abilities of these dosimetric/functional parameters. This study was performed on a new cohort of patients, who were not included in our analyses that defined the predictive models.

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