Abstract # 1019 Improvement in Vision and Cranial Neuropathies after Stereotactic Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Skull Base Meningiomas

Presenter: McElveen, Tracy

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Fifty patients had deficits in visual fields or acuity that were associated with their tumors and potentially reversible with treatment. At the latest follow up, thirteen patients (26%) had a stable visual examination as measured by refraction, near card evaluation, confrontation or automated perimetry. Thirty-two patients (64%) had documented improvement in vision. The median time to visual improvement was 9.1 months (range 1-39 mo. Five patients (10%) experienced progressive vision loss after treatment.

Fifty seven patients had cranial neuropathies, which did not involve the optic nerve. Of these, 25 patients (44%) had stable symptoms, 27 (47%) had improvement in their deficits and five patients (9%) had progressive cranial nerve findings, five of which were attributed to progressive disease. The median time to improvement of cranial neuropathies was 5.2 months (range 0.7-31mo).

Complete serial MRI evaluation was available on 118 patients and revealed stable disease in 79 patients (67%). Thirty patients (25%) showed tumor regression occurring at a median time of 9.1 months (range 2 - 0.8mo). Nine patients (8%) had radiographic progression of the treated lesion. Local control was 92% in our series.

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