Abstract # 2047 Ki-67 Proliferation Index as a Marker for Clinical Radioresponse in Glioblastoma Multiforme

Presenter: Abacioglu, Ufuk

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Median OS was 9 months, and 1 year OS rate was 37% for all patients. Ki-67 PI ranged between 0 and 96 (median=13, mean=17.86). In univariate analysis, age<50 (p=0.02), male gender (p=0.039), KPS score >/=70 (p=0.037), symptom duration > 1 month (p=0.035), multicentricity (p=0.034) and surgical resection (p=0.0003) were favourable prognostic factors for improved OS. Patients with Ki-67 PI >/= 13 showed a trend for better prognosis (median 8 vs 11 months, p=0.07). In multivariate analysis, age<50 (p=0.006), Ki-67 PI >/= 13 (p=0.008) and surgical resection (p=0.008) were observed to be predictive for longer OS. In the subgroup analysis performed with the combinations of significant variables in multivariate analysis, patients with totally resected tumors and Ki-67 PI >/= 13 had a median OS of 14 months compared to 8 months for the rest of the patients (p=0.014). Most importantly, Ki-67 PI < or >/= 13 separation revealed two groups with 3 and 9 months of median OS, in patients with stereotactic biopsy only (p=0.031).

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