Abstract # 2164 Hyperthermia Combined with Radiation in Treatment of Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer is Associated with a Favorable Toxicity Profile

Presenter: Hurwitz, Mark

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Median follow-up was 42 months. Both short and long-term toxicity was limited to grade 2 or less. Acute grade 2 proctitis was greater for patients with allowable rectal wall temperature of >40 C. 11 of 18 patients in this group had acute grade 2 proctitis Vs. 3 of 19 patients with rectal wall temperatures limited to 40 C. (p = 0.004). Occurrence of acute proctitis typically rapidly resolved upon completion of treatment and was not associatied with increased liklihood of long­term GI toxicity. Long-term toxicity was limited to grade 2. The complete profile of long-term toxicity is shown in the accompanying table. Two-year rates of grade 2 GI and GU toxicity were 7 and 17%. Late GI and GU toxicity were not associated with the allowable rectal wall temperature.

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