Abstract # 2383 Estimation of the Ratio for Lung Injury Based on Direct Measurements of Radiotherapy (RT)-Induced Reduction in Regional Perfusion in Human Patients

Presenter: Koontz, Bridget

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The estimated perfusion reduction ED50 for 0.35 BID, 1.25 BID, 1.6 BID, 1.6 QD, and 2 Gy QD were estimated at 62, 52, 18, 28, and 50 Gy, respectively. Based on a variety of lines fit to the data using differential weighting of points, the calculated / ratio ranged from 1.1 to 4.3 Gy. Regions of lung that receive 0.35 Gy/fraction to 12 Gy do experience reductions in regional lung perfusion. ratio for RT-induced decrease in lung perfusion in human patients is estimated to be between 1.1 and 4.3 Gy. This is consistent with animal data for lung injury. The identification of lung injury following exposure to a low dose and low fraction size (e.g. 12 Gy at 0.35 Gy/fraction) is clinically important. Such low doses may be commonly delivered to relatively large regions of lung when advanced treatment delivery systems such as IMRT are used. Supported by NIH Grant CA 69579

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Estimation of the alpha/beta ratio for lung injury in human patients:

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